Do you want to know the fabric for making ballet clothes?


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Fabric made with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, fiber structures provide insulation on colder days.


  • High consistency on fabric performance over time
  • Easy-care
  • Good moisture management and wicking performance
  • Good air permeability
  • Must meet a minimum insulation (CLO) requirement
  • Good fabric stability
  • Permanent moisture management performance
  • Excellent washfast and colorfast performance

Patented COOLMAX® Natural Touch™ technology combines efficient moisture management, comfortable stretch, and a natural look and feel. The technology is based on an innovative composite yarn structure in which cotton and COOLMAX® staple fibers are spun around a dual core consisting of COOLMAX® filament fiber, and LYCRA® fiber or LYCRA® T400® fiber. The COOLMAX® filament fiber in the core wicks moisture away from the body while the COOLMAX® staple fiber moves it to the fabric surface for quick evaporation. The cotton staple at the fabric surface provides a natural appearance and hand. The LYCRA® fiber in the core provides stretch for wearer comfort.

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